Music Together® Mixed Age and Rhythm Kids® Classes Tuitions: 


First child

  • One semester (ten classes)180€

  • Two semesters (twenty classes) 340€

  • Year (three semesters, thirty classes) 480€


Second child in the same class

  • 0-9 months free

  • 9 months & up 70€ one semester

  • 130€ two semesters

  • 180€ three semesters

Tuition for each term includes:  

- 10 weekly classes for one child and the accompanying adult;

- registration fees;

- Family Materials (an illustrated songbook and a CD containing the music used during the current term, a parent guide DVD and booklet, a code giving you access to the Family Zone where you can download the songs and find music activity ideas).


One semester (ten classes) 160€ per family (no sibling fees)


Step one: download and fill out one of the registration forms below, then please send it to

Step two: a payment is required at the time of registration. We accept payments by checks, wire transfer, or cash. Please note, a registration is considered complete only when payment or proof of payment has been submitted. 

Please feel free to contact us for further details regarding the payment information and/or mailing address.

Refunds are not available after the first class, but make-ups can be arranged based on availability during the session or a credit towards another semester may be offered. 

In case of cancellation before the semester start date, a non refundable fee of 30€ will be applied.  In case of cancellation after the start date, the full tuition will be due.


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