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“Emma and I loved making music with you. Class was the highlight of our week. It's been amazing to watch her learn and grow and really enjoy music. 

Hearing her little singing voice is the sweetest sound. You have a real gift with children and made every class fun!

We can't speak highly enough of you and your Music Together classes.”

(Becky Emma's mom)

“Thanks for your wonderful classes.  

Margarita truly enjoyed every class and sang your songs every night exactly the way you showed her how.  

She also let me strum her imaginary ukulele.” 

(Jenny, Margarita's mom)

“Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher and friend over the past year.  Havi, Rahm and I looked forward to making music with you each Wednesday -- and we absolutely loved having you join us for the kids' birthday party last Fall. You will very much be missed. 

Your class is truly one of a kind and it's because your joy for music and teaching children is positively contagious.  I also cannot put into words how much I appreciated your willingness to always lend a helping hand, so that Havi, Rahm and I could fully participate in class activities”. 

(Ilana, Havi and Rahm's mom)


"Thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience. We sing the songs from class all the time, play the CD on our way to school (and it SAVED us on our vacation!), and think of you each time we pass by the studio. Just last night we were on Facetime with a friend, and Emmanuel pulled out his ukelele and sang her the goodbye song when it was time to sign off!"

(Lisa, Emmanuel's mom)

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